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One-Stop destination for all in-house production to spotless stitching upto the final finish

Established in 2011, the company aims to provide customers with well-crafted and exceptionally on-time products.

Phriesotic International  is a garment manufacturing export house based in India. We inherit a long textile manufacturing background and specialize in circular knitted manufacturing. We are a fully integrated textile company in INDIA, focused on  comprehensive textile solution – from design and development to knitting, dyeing, finishing and garmenting.

We specialize in the manufacturing of men’s, children’s & women’s clothing, accessories, and home products for some of the largest and most demanding brands based in UK, Europe & USA.

Our team understands the fast moving and time constrained fashion world. So we have in place a working system that enables us to offer our customers short lead times. 

Design Development

At Phriesotic International we have a vast range of fabrics and we are skilled in working with a wide range of yarns developing the perfect fabric and then cutting and processing it with perfect accessories and creating the most beautiful designs for women,men and kids for our customers. Our product-line always deals with the latest fast-fashion trends with unique designs that will catch you at first sight

Inspection and testing​

Garments inspection and testing are the important parts of the garments quality control department in our company. Both are essential for smooth and regular execution of an order. Basically inspection is a review process to confirm the proper to set standards. In garments, this inspection can be defined as visual examination or review of material. Testing is the quality standard of the garments manufacturing process.There are different testing lab in the garments testing process, but mostly known and buyers approved testing labs are SGS, Intertek, Bureau Veritas, TÜV SÜD, Consumer Testing Laboratories etc.

Merchandising & Sourcing

Textile merchants source for product components domestically or globally. Suppliers are evaluated on price and quality standards, on-time delivery, supplier image, ability to meet order quantity, laws, transportation and various costs involved. The world has become an open market for sourcing, buying and selling. In order to cut down on competition and save cost, it becomes imperative to buy a part or whole of a product at the lowest price possible but maintain the quality standard required by the buyer is our core motto.

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